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Dtillan Orsti area: Travelers' 1


Dtillan Orsti, Trillolara | Dtillan Orsti area information

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    Travelers' path

    Generic 500’ × 400’ map for the road travelers take through Dtillan Orsti. The road can change direction/path, but the layout is fairly standard. Inns and shops along the road, with housing for employees back of the Inns. Some employees live at the Inns and some own and live above small shops.


    1 = Inn of various sizes and types. What size rooms and what kind and type of food available varies greatly.

    2 = shops, some have a family/owner living upstairs, some are only shops and the owner lives elsewhere.

    3 = Inn employee homes or living quarters. Employees are not bound to a particular Inn, but constant job changing does get noticed and can reduce the chances of employment. Some house rentals are tied to particular Inns.

    4 = warehouse, sometimes for an Inn

    5 = Merchant homes, not all own Inns.

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