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Northern Hemisphere


I decided to draw an entire hemisphere in Fractal Terrains, label it, upload.

Map directions for the Northern Hemisphere. North at the top, south at the bottom, east to the right, west to the left.

And do detail maps as I have time. Size is 25000 by 12500 miles.

edit: New map, Oct 16, 1600 × 800 pixels

I have renamed one of the Barrow Islands.

edit: Dec 1, 2015: The newly added large black Xs are the probable locations of Portals that can transport one or more being to maybe one or more of the other portals. Or not transport them.

edit: Oct 21, 2014 Added a new land mass and uploaded new map.

edit: changed map on Jan 24, 2015.

edit: New map: March 18, 2015

May 4, 2016, image map links added.

Ocean currents: gold/yellow color warm current (surface); light blue color cold current (ocean depths); medium blue color cool current ( mid level).

1400 × 700 pixels

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