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Sx: Fondfield Shops, area 1 map


New map, April 29, 2016

Shops area 1 in Fondfield, Trillolara

Building 5: Green Goose Inn

The building west of number 5 is the Green Goose stables and barn.

Each shop is 25 feet wide by 40 feet long, all are 1 story high, 11 feet high interior walls. Most, except storage, have small fireplaces for heat in the winter. Sage Grt Xyl’s library and storage buildings have small fireplaces so he can do research.

S1: Sage Grt Xyl

S2: Money Changers

S3: Money Lenders:

S4: Sage Grt Xyl’s library

lots of bookshelves, 5 chairs, 2 tables.

S5: Sage Gry Xyl’s storage

650 obscure books ( both the books and the subjects covered are obscure), partially inventoried.

200 flora books, many on one bush, shrub, or fungi species, with each chapter detailing each one flora in that species. Well used, inventoried.

S6: Tailors, 5

S7: Fliton’s Jewels, Rings, appraisals and gem-cutting

S8: Jonran’s General Store

S9: Blacthorn’s Bow and Arrow Shop

S10: Cobblers, 2

S11: empty

S12: Zrani’s Blacksmith Shop

S13: is locked and boarded up, but can be rented

S14: is locked and boarded up, but can be rented

S15: Potter

S16: Jara’s General Store

S17: Jara’s store room, inventored

S18: A storage building

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