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Southern Hemisphere


The southern hemisphere continent of Crestar has one large continent called Bellshar. Where most of the adventures take place in the nations of Trillolara, Dank Forest, and Teslarc.The rest is a series of island chains.

Since this map has been redrawn, I’ll have to redo the routes/locations to various dungeons and adventure areas.

From tropics to the frozen wastes. Tropics are on the top, north end, of the maps.

This new drawing. North is at the top, South at the bottom.

edit: Dec 1, 2015: The newly added large black Xs are the probable locations of Portals that can transport one or more being to maybe one or more of the other portals. Or not transport them.

edit: Oct 21, 2014, map was outdated and has been replaced. 1600 × 800 pixels

updated March 14, 2015 to add ‘The Sharat’ Island Group.

updated March 18, 2015 to add ocean currents.

updated April 29, 2015; added Three Rivers Island and Bay-Nol Island

updated July 13, 2015: added Tulah Islands

May 4, 2016, image map added. Not all locations are linked.

Ocean currents: gold/yellow color warm current (surface); light blue color cold current (ocean depths); medium blue color cool current ( mid level).

1400 × 700 pixels

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