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Bleak Town, local map


Shows the town. More details of the Inn, etc. will be added at a later date.

North is at the top of the map.

1) Inn
2) towers inside the walls
3) general store

4) town hall
5) barracks
6) fighter skills training school

7) non-fighter skills training school
8,) private homes
9) guard commander’s home

10) mayor’s home
11) potters
12) weapon makers

13) tax collector
14) Inn and General store employees.
15) garment makers; leather and cloth

16) abandoned
17) religious buildings
18) Bob John’s Boot and Shoe Shop

19) Zarg’s winter and summer clothing
20)Cralo’s Food and Garments Market. foods, cloth, regular clothing

21) Green building. Big Bill’s Rug and Tapestry Emprium ! Reconditioning and we sell cheap !

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