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The old crestar site has been deleted, I am creating new maps. All old surface maps on this site have been deleted. There are a few outdated maps here, they are place holders and will be deleted and updated in the coming months.

I created this web site myself, with no outside help. had nothing to do with it.

January, 2018

Jan 6

I did fix my computer last fall. I’ll be moving gaming documents, house rules, from this site to my docs site at:


Nov 23 Fixed upthe maps a bit for Sraa Keep. Fixed some typos and html problems. Nov 8 Recovering from a computer crash on Win 10 due to a Microsoft patch. I hope to be making more maps for this site soon.

October, 2017

Oct 24

I fixed my Win 10 computer. Update KB4041676 is what locked it up. I’m making maps again.


Jul 4 Changed the Southern and Northern Hemisphere maps to show general areas that have been mapped, rather than almost al lthat has been mapped. I felt the previous maps were confusing. Links at the top of the pages in the menus. I was getting bad results from the image map software.

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