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The old crestar site has been deleted, I am creating new maps. All old surface maps on this site have been deleted. There are a few outdated maps here, they are place holders and will be deleted and updated in the coming months. These are particularly in some adventure dungeons.

I created this web site myself, with no outside help. seo and baidu had nothing to do with it.

November, 2018

Nov 24

Fixed some of the Mad Rock maps. The preliminary bits are all I have found. The adventure is lost; hwoever, I think I found adventure notes for this particular adventure. Maybe I can reconstruct the adventure from that.

Nov 22

Redid backgrounds and map grids for Quasqueton. Hopefully it is easier to read them now. I repurposed this module to make a new location/dungeon.

Nov 21

Added the overhead view of the house carved in a cave for the Mad Rock adventure.

Nov 16

Fixed up the Burlan City-State, Teslarc menus. Added locations and character races that live there for Burlan. Replaced Northern Hemisphere map.

Mov 15

Updated Emerald Firth map changed text to white so it is easier to read for several areas on the City-State map.

Nov 14

Working on my Tunnels and Trolls site, and probably my documents site for this game.


Oct 5

Currently posting a campaign journal here.

Oct 2

Still working on my Traveller web site.


Sep 23

Updating another web site. My computer is okay.

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