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This is my first edition AD&D web site. It contains maps of hemispheres, continents, islands, cities, towns, villages, dungeons, ruins, etc. The downloads page contains links to zip files of dungeon maps with the associated text.

I have added a few adventures and characters. I’ll add more as I have time.

Crestar is a fictional planet I created as a background for my first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games in 1980. It isn’t a parallel Earth nor a parallel Amber.

This site used to be at crestar.drivein; however, it had problems and I wanted to start fresh. So I created this site.

The Lost Arcology will use rules and monsters from Mazes and Minotaurs rpg. I have read the rules and I can see that some things wont work for my game world; however, overall the rules will work. Mapping for this continues.

And please note no third party site had anything to do with my site. I did this all by my self. That means you, and 1-free-share-buttons.

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The old crestar site has been deleted, I am creating new maps. All old surface maps on this site have been deleted. There are a few outdated maps here, they are place holders and will be deleted and updated in the coming months.

I created this web site myself, with no outside help. had nothing to do with it.

January, 2017

Jan 26

Added a comment on the XYZprinting – Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer. Jan 25 i have been working on Dwarf Home.


Dec 28

Added a new version of Khilla Keep, same surface level map. The rest is different.

Dec 24

Added Arcology, Tier 5 map.

Dec 19

I finally got all of the maps fixed for Khilla Keep. They still have problems as when I originally made them I was learning Campaign Cartographer 2.

Dec 18

Updated most of the maps for Khilla Keep. I really need to find the old paper maps I drew back in 1982 and rescan them. But I would rather work on my maps which have always been free.

I do have a different set of Khilla Keep maps I’ve been working on… I may add them in to this site with different text.

Dec 15

I hope to work more on The Lost City soon.


Nov 22

Since I have new concerns about someone taking my maps and re-selling them without my permission, I am taking down all graphics until I can watermark them.

As I watermark them, I will put them back up here. Since there are so many, it is going to take some time, likely months.

This is true for all of my sites.

Items I am hosting for other people, will stay up.

October, 2016

Oct 29

Updated the map for Thre Rivers Island and Bay-Nol Island.


Sept 25

Added 3 adventure areas in the Kingdom of Gesh, Zor continent, Northern Hemisphere.

Sept 22

Fixing a zip file for the Trillusion ruins.

Done and added to my downloads page.

Sep 17

Changed the background bitmap fil on the Falla Keep maps. I hope to completely update these maps to CC3+.

Added the Chasa Sea rift in the Southern Hemisphere, just west of Northern Island Group.

Working on an adventure from Fondfield to Castle Zhestal in the Mountains of Death. Parts 1 through 9 posted, they are incomplete.

Did some work on the site navigation menus. The adventures have been moved under the hemispheres they are located in. The Lost Arcology will stay put and expand as I add things to it.

Added the Falla Keep adventure to the site navigtion menus.

Some of the fondfield NPCs information was lost in transition to this site. I’ll look for it and add it back in.

Sep 16

Added a new map for Zrani’s Blacksmith Shop in Fondfield, Trillolara. Updated 2 of the Falla Keep maps. Zip file for Falla Keep hasn’t been updated.

Sep 12

Added Potter, a small village nar Quasqueton.

Sept 10

Updated all of Tantalow’s Island Group with some new maps. Each of these articles have thier own navigaiton menus.

Working on the navigaiton menus for the Lost Arcology. Done.

Fixed a few things I found outdated or wrong on the Trillusion Castle ruins pages in Teslarc.

Sep 6

Added another map for Zaggah. Partial map of the city of Crelesh on Long Tooth Island.

Added navigation menus tieing together Zaggah articles, and a navigation menu for Long Tooth Island articles.

Sep 4

Updated a map for the center of long Tooth Island, a part of the Barrow Islands, Northern Hemisphere.

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I was looking at buying the XYZprinting – Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer, but it has a problem.

It isn’t the smaller print area, but the propietary filament spools. You have to buy their spools. I think this is a bad idea.

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Surface map of Khilla keep.

Room 1) drawbridge looks disused and rotted wood. A close search will show rotted wood covers wood in good shape. Wood strong enough to handle a typical load for a drawbridge of this size… someone is at home.

Room 2) broken tower tower appears to be demolished by normal seige equipment. Nothing of value in the debris.

Room 3) tower looks in dusty and unkempt state.

But the stairs and the roof are in good shape.

Room 4) tower looks in a dusty and unkempt state.

But the stairs and the roof are in good shape.

Room 5) tower looks like something large was dropped on it from high up. No remains of the dropped item.

Room 6) tower looks in dusty and unkempt state.

But the stairs and the roof are in good shape.

Room 7) tower looks in dusty and unkempt state.

the stairs and the roof are in bad shape. 20 percent chance to fall apart if more than 2 characters use them. They obviously look in bad repair, the stones are cracked.

Room 8) old hall 4 Brigands, Fighter level 2, NE have leather, long swords,
long bows, 40 arrows each. 2-5 gold pieces each. Food and water
in the room. A few chairs and blankets. The fireplace is in good
shape, but wont be used during the day.

Room 9) old kitchen Brigand Leader: Fighter 5 NE, leather +1, long sword +2 NE has 2 scrolls of Protection from Undead and 150 gold pieces.

Brigand Leutenant: Fighter 3 NE, leather +1, long sword +1 NE has 75 gold pieces. Pickings have been slim recently as more and more caravans are heavily protected. They are thinking of moving, but are not sure where to. There seems to be an increase in adventurers in this area.

Room 10) former lord’s room caved in, nothing of value

Room 11) gatehouse the murder holes are still usable.

Room 12) old store room 25 giant rats

The brigands know the rats are in here and stay away from them.

The large broken wall area between tower 5 and room 9 looks like something large hit it from outside the Keep, traveling at high velocity. This isn’t normal siege debris. What ever did the damage, isn’t here.

Map 1: 233 gp equivalent

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