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This is my first edition AD&D web site. It contains maps of hemispheres, continents, islands, cities, towns, villages, dungeons, ruins, etc. The downloads page contains links to zip files of dungeon maps with the associated text.

I have added a few adventures and characters. I’ll add more as I have time.

Crestar is a fictional planet I created as a background for my first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games in 1980. It isn’t a parallel Earth nor a parallel Amber.

This site used to be at crestar.drivein; however, it had problems and I wanted to start fresh. So I created this site.

The Lost Arcology will use rules and monsters from Mazes and Minotaurs rpg. I have read the rules and I can see that some things wont work for my game world; however, overall the rules will work. Mapping for this continues.

And please note no third party site had anything to do with my site. I did this all by my self. That means you, and 1-free-share-buttons.

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The old crestar site has been deleted, I am creating new maps. All old surface maps on this site have been deleted. There are a few outdated maps here, they are place holders and will be deleted and updated in the coming months.

I created this web site myself, with no outside help. had nothing to do with it.

April, 2017

Apr 29

I have updated the Brillar, Dank Forest map

Apr 9

Added a 5 mile area around Bar-Nalo.

Apr 7

Added a 50 mile area around Bar-Nalo map.

Apr 6

Added a map for the Bleak Town, Fondland area, and updatec the site navigation menus. Added a map of the Bar-Nalo area, Fondland

Apr 5

Added a map for Blue Bay, Fondland, Northern Hemisphere, Crestar.


Mar 30

Added Tarsh Mountains, Wildlands near Grand Duchy of Winifree and Chary Island Group south of Dank Forest. Both in the Southern Hemisphere. Lonelt Island added just north of Chary Island Group. Added Tarn Isle just north of Lonelt Island.

Mar 18

Added peyre’s DM screen


Jan 26

Added a comment on the XYZprinting – Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer. Jan 25 I have been working on Dwarf Home.

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A some what detailed map of the bay.

Bar-Nalo is the capital and main seaport. Sand Town is also a sea port and while a small town it is a commerce rival of Bar-Nalo.

If you listen closely, you can hear the Whispering Trees whisper. Careful, don’t get too close.

The towns and areas on the right side of the map have an unsavory reputation.

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